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Holi™ Partners with Veterinary Care Group

When David and I launched Holi™ we knew that success wouldn’t just depend on having an amazing product. We were going to have to surround ourselves with amazing people, amazing partners, and ultimately create an amazing community.  Which is why we couldn’t be more proud to announce our partnership with Veterinary Care Group (VCG) to provide healthy meal solutions for all of their patients and their community!

Veterinary Care Group (VCG) was founded in 2015 and operates, owns, and manages vet clinics in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island, New York. But our relationship with VCG is more than just business. VCG is MY vet, and they have been ever since Bandit came into my life. Way before Holi™!

Being a first time pet parent, choosing the right vet was a big decision and I interviewed several to find who would be the best fit for myself and Bandit. Needless to say, there is a wide variety of personalities, knowledge, and caring philosophies in the vet world. And while it took some time, it was actually a very easy decision for me to choose Dr. Huang and VCG. Being a pet parent herself, Dr. Huang walked me through all of the early steps of being a pet parent and took extra time to make sure that I was comfortable with everything from food, house training, and just general care. I knew that she embodied everything I was looking for to help me raise Bandit. Dr. Huang has been Bandit’s vet ever since. 

Naturally, as we developed Holi™, I shared our mission and feeding solution with Dr. Huang. Bandit wasn’t the only picky pup that she cared for and she saw the benefits of our solution. As a doctor, she valued the ability to tailor nutrition, proteins, and meal size for each dog while maintaining premium ingredient quality. 

Other vets at VCG were interested in Holi™ as well and we conducted a pilot program with VCG staff members. After successful trials and discussions with the VCG leadership team including Chief Medical Officer Dr. Patricia Squillace, and CEO Peter Chun it was clear that the VCG family and Holi™ Family could do something special together.

Teaming up with Veterinary Care Group is a natural progression in our growth as a company. The Holi™ feeding solution allows VCG vets to confidently recommend a healthy, nutritionally appropriate solution for pups who are picky and food sensitive as well as pet parents who want an alternative to the major commercial brands. VCG offers Holi™ the ability to connect more directly with our customers through the veterinary community and ensures that our pups are getting the best nutrition and care possible.

We couldn’t be more excited about our partners at VCG and the team that they have. We invite all VCG customers to talk to their vet about Holi™ and if you are in the New York area and looking for a veterinarian, we encourage you to visit a VCG practice to learn more.