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About Holi Chow

Holi Chow was created to help pet parents customize the perfect meal for their pups. We tailor the nutrition, portion size, and flavors to provide our fur babies the nutrition they need and flavor they love Our veggie-based Superfood Kibble is Corn, Wheat and Soy and GMO-free, All-Natural and Nutritionally complete. All of our ingredients are sourced from US farms so you can feed our recipes with complete confidence. Our Protein Packs are all single ingredient animal meats from US farms, freeze-dried to preserve all their nutritional value.
We worked with a team of experts including a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition and a leading food scientist. Together they helped create a customized feeding plan for your dog’s nutritional needs. So for example, a puppy that’s under weight and highly very active, and has no gastrointestinal issues will get a high protein, high fat, moderate fiber food. Whereas an older, slightly overweight dog will get a high fiber, low fat, medium protein food. No more endless research and frustrating guesswork.
All of our vegetables and meats are sourced from farms in the USA. Our kibble is produced in Ohio and upstate New York. Our animal protein packs are made in Wisconsin.

Our Food

When you create your pup profile, our Vet Nutritionist developed algorithm considers the breed, life stage, body condition, activity level and other information about your dog. Using this info, we can thoughtfully recommend the perfect nutritional blend and precise serving size for your dog.
All our ingredients are All-Natural, GMO-free, Grain free and sourced from US farms. All formulations are 100% meat free packed with superfoods like blueberries, chicory root, carrots, pumpkin, and many others.
Many pet allergies are caused by animal protein. Removing the meat from our kibble allows pet parents to choose their pup’s favorite protein to pair with it and avoid any allergens. It also lets pet parents rotate proteins without upsetting sensitive stomaches. Removing meats from our kibble also allows us to provide pups with the highest quality animal proteins in our protein packs. No meat is put through the harsh rendering or extrusion process.
When it comes to our animal proteins, we only offer the highest quality meats. The turkey is 100% turkey breast. The beef liver is just that. We never use processed meat or meat meal. Each protein pack is a freeze-dried raw, single-ingredient, single-animal topper that has maintained its full natural nutrition and flavor that your dog will love!
Aside from the quality of the meats, there is also a concern that the high heat and pressure applied to the meat can create carcinogens (like they are saying about BBQ these days). The freeze-drying process simply takes a raw piece of meat like beef liver or turkey breast, freezes and dehydrates it. This preserves all the bioavailable nutrients in our meats while making it safe for shelf storage and consumption. In the future, we will also offer a selection of human grade, gently cooked animal proteins, like shredded duck in pumpkin gravy
No. All of our protein packs are shelf stable.
Every batch of our Superfood base kibbles are tested for compliance with AAFCO nutritional requirements to ensure the vitamins and minerals are all within healthy ranges. The kibble is also tested for e.coli, salmonella, and listeria after production to ensure safety. All of our freeze-dried meats are sourced from USDA facilities and freeze-dried in Wisconsin. They are inspected when they arrive at our facility, at multiple times, during the freeze-drying process, and again before packaging to ensure quality and safety.
In the wild, dogs don’t eat the same thing every day. There is evidence that overexposure to the same protein over time can lead to food allergies or just plain pickiness. Rotating proteins can more closely mimic the ancestral diet and offers a varied mix of amino acid profiles for your dog,
Holi Chow was designed specifically to allow rotational feeding. It’s actually changing the carbohydrate content (vegetables and grains) of the food that upsets tummies. Rotating Holi Chow meat proteins won’t upset your pup’s digestion. If you have a very sensitive dog you may want to blend in new proteins over a couple of days, but otherwise, it should be no problem.
We get this question a lot. It is safe to feed a kibble with chicken fat to dogs with chicken allergies. An allergy to chicken, is an allergy to the proteins found in chicken meat. Chicken fat has no protein in it and will not cause a reaction in dogs with chicken sensitivities or allergies. We have many dogs with chicken allergies happily enjoying Holi Chow.

Your Subscription

Since every dog is different, the prices will vary. Prices for small dogs start at under $1.25/day. We ship about a month's worth of food with every order.
Holi Chow offers a 100% lick-the-bowl clean money back guarantee. If your dog doesn’t like it for any reason, we will give you a full refund.
Your first delivery will ship within 2 days of placing your order. We ship approximately a month's worth of food to all our pups, but there may be some slight variation. We will contact you a few days before your next scheduled delivery to make sure our estimate is correct and allow you to make adjustments if necessary.
You can easily adjust your delivery date in the Subscription section of "My Account"